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Rambunctious social for a revelling community

The Great Estate is a new and rambunctious festival taking place in Cornwall this summer. The organisers came to us without any social media and wanted a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. Being a new festival they had no community, no images and very little content of their own other than a short video and branding. Our task was to create a targeted audience and give the festival a personality.

We set out to create a character and the posts would be written in his voice. This character became known as the "Top Hat" and his language would be eccentric and bordering on posh. We decided that the best way to create an audience from scratch was through a competition, strategically posted in Facebook groups throughout the UK.

Our efforts have been undoubtedly fruitful. The tone has been so strong and consistent that customers have adopted it when interacting with The Great Estate's social profiles. This in-itself increases engagement as delving into the Top Hat's wacky world is all part of the festival experience. The community, which was non-existent when we took on the account, is now thriving. We gained over 1000 likes within 24 hours.